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Giving Africa has now closed!

Thank you for 10 amazing and impactful years.

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May 2021

As a small UK based charity working internationally, it is imperative to constantly review the funds spent in-country to ensure the best development outcomes for our beneficiaries. Over the last year the team has come to the conclusion that, although there is still a high level of need in Burkina Faso, Giving Africa’s objectives for Bethel School are a long way to being achieved and therefore it is time for us to move on.   

Giving Africa has gone through an amazing journey over the last 10 years.  From the moment that Craig (Goldblatt, Founder) met Philippe (Director of AEAD) in Burkina Faso, the passion was ignited to support young people and to learn from the ‘land of the upright people’. From our initial focus of increasing ACCESS to education to the 1.8 million secondary aged children out of school, by building new classrooms at Bethel School, we have evolved to focus on the QUALITY and RELEVANCE of the education they receive.   Underpinning this, was our intention to allow individuals an exchange of wealth between nations; not just materially, but through mutual learning about the depth of community spirit and resilience of human nature.   

Sadly, due to the Ebola virus, political unrest and terrorism and most recently the Corona Virus we have not been able to continue the incredible ‘exchange of wealth’ visits.  On the ground however, with our partners AEAD, we have gone a long way to achieve our goal of ‘providing sustainable and income generating opportunities to empower children to lift themselves out of poverty’. 

We are incredibly proud of the achievements we have https://bea-skincare.com/wp/buy-valtrex-online/ made and of our constant commitment to be financially responsible and efficient.   

We would like to assure you, our amazing supporters, that we have worked hard to ensure that this decision has not adversely affected our projects or the students at Bethel. To that end, we have entrusted Transform Burkina – a partner charity founded in 2010 – to monitor the programmes that will continue to benefit the young people of Burkina Faso.  For those that wish to continue their current sponsorships and donations we strongly encourage you to do so through Transform Burkina.  Our Food and Sponsorship Programmes, along with Bethel’s Garden will still need further financial input over the following years – so any ongoing support would be greatly appreciated.

Transform Burkina is a small UK based charity with an aim to “eradicate poverty one life at a time”.  Giving Africa and Transform Burkina have both been primary partners of AEAD over the last ten years, sharing a Trustee and providing similar programmes in education and agriculture.  

This decision has been a hard one, our hearts will forever be connected to this incredible country and with the people we have worked alongside. Our thanks go to our beloved friends and partners AEAD and our wonderful army of supporters; donating time and money, skills and expertise, love and passion… jumping out of planes, walking over coals, climbing Kilimanjaro, running/walking/singing/selling fish and chips and more – we would not be in this position without all you have contributed. 

With love and best wishes and huge amounts of thanks for this incredible journey together,

Craig, Caroline and all of the Team at Giving Africa

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  • A time of struggle and some of the most beautiful and formative moments of my life. Coming to Kili can only grow you in character and personality, everyone on this trip will tell you it’s been 100% worth while

  • There are so many positives doing the Kilimanjaro challenge. You strip back everything and we’ve had to dig so deep. You just don’t realise how far you’re going to push yourself and how far you can push yourself to do something like this.

  • From one end of the scale to the other and everything in-between is an emotion that helps you to recreate yourself